Services provided

Ensuring our clients are comprehensively insured is task and our goal is to pay adequate insurance benefits.

  • Analyse current insurance coverage
  • Draft comprehensive insurance programs
  • Process all documents for insurance offers
  • Ensure that insurance companies submit offers
  • Process and submit the offers to our client
  • Ensure insurance contract exposure
  • Manage all administrative aspects of insurance contracts
  • Consult with clients whenever necessary
  • Solve issues around incurred damage

Offering a comprehensive insurance program and ensuring proper financial compensation of claims are the most vital parts of our services.

Our extensive experience with the liquidation of small and large damages to the compensation payment is the highest (in terms of damage) in Slovak agricultural insurance. In 2008, one insurance case connected to swine fever led to our client receiving compensation of approximately 4 million Euros.

Process outline in case of loss:

  • Obtain information about the incurred damage
  • Report the incurred damage
  • Manage and ensure correct inspection
  • Assist qualified workers at the damage location
  • Impartially assess the client’s claim
  • Document the incurred damage
  • Submit the documents regarding the damage
  • Ensure the deposit payment for claims
  • Ensure the compensation payment
  • File evidence of damage