Vehicle insurance

Vehicle insurance is for all persons and business entities owning and operating motor vehicles and trailers. The specific insurance product offers are very varied.

We compare, select and provide comprehensive insurance solutions:

  • third party liability insurance
  • accident insurance
  • GAP InsurancePoistenie finančnej straty (GAP)

Third party liability insurance

This insurance covers property damage and personal injury caused to others by the insured vehicle. The insurance protects the victim and the insurance company pays the damage. It also protects the offender, who would otherwise have to pay for the damage from their own resources. This insurance is required by law for the owner of any vehicle that is operated on publicly accessible roads.


The purpose of CASCO is to compensate any material damage suffered by the insured party’s vehicle. Casco insurance gives insurance cover in the following cases: damage or destruction of a vehicle due to accident, natural disaster, vandalism and theft of vehicle or robbery. Clients can choose which risks they want to cover.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance of persons transported by motor vehicle covers risks of death due to accident, permanent physical damage, and also smaller injuries. The insurance operates when the insured person dies in a car accident or suffers an injury which leaves permanent consequences on the person.

GAP Insurance

This insure the investment in the case of theft or total vehicle loss (accident, natural disaster). In the first few years the market value of a vehicle tends to decrease so much that even with the best accident insurance the client will only be compensated to perhaps half of the purchase price. GAP insurance will cover this difference! This insurance covers the difference between the purchase price and the current vehicle price in case of total loss or theft.

The insurance may also include additional insurance of deductible refunding.