Insurance of house, flat and household

Private Citizen’s property insurance ensures your property as well as its equipment:

  • House, unfinished house
  • Flat
  • Garage
  • Cottage and related constructions, such as fences, fence walls, septic tanks, cesspool, swimming pools as well as recreational buildings and outbuildings

This insurance protects your home and other constructions against damage from:

  • fire, explosion, direct lightning, impact or fall of aeroplane with crew, its parts or cargo
  • flood
  • windstorm or hailstorm
  • landslides, falling rocks and soil, slumping or avalanches collapse
  • falling trees, poles or other objects
  • weight of snow or ice
  • earthquake
  • zemetrasením,
  • running water from water supply facilities
  • overpressure from liquid, steam or freezing water
  • vehicle impact
  • theft, burglary and robbery
  • damage of building components cause by break-in

Household insurance refer to all movables that you have at home – eg. Furniture, rugs, accessories, clothing, sporting goods, home appliances, electronics and personal items. The insurance also includes coverage for damage caused on the property by an electric short circuit in an electrical appliance.

This insurance protects your property against the following risks:

  • Natural disaster insurance – coverage against: fire, explosion, lightning, aircraft impact or collapse, falling trees, poles, etc.., flood, windstorm or hailstorm, earthquakes, landslides, falling rocks or soil, earthquakes, avalanches, earthquakes, water from water supply facilities and medium escape from fire-fighting equipment
  • Insurance against theft & vandalism – coverage against: robbery or theft, unless the offender(s) overcome barriers protecting insured things, intentional damage or destruction of insured property by identified or unidentified offender(s). Insurance also covers damage or destruction of building components of apartment, if the damage or destruction of the apartment was caused during the theft of insured items.
  • Liability insurance - provides: the right of the insured person to be covered by an insurance company that reimburse him for damages caused to others - bodily injury; damage, destruction or loss of things, unless the insured person is responsible for the consequences of his actions.
  • Insurance against vehicle impact or its load provides: insurance protection in the case of damage or