Company profile

Marfis s.r.o is an insurance brokererage firm that operates as an independent financial agent under license from the National Bank of Slovakia. It grew out of a predecessory company, Afinish s.r.o, which began operating in 2002.

The company‘s goal is guide clients through the complex and often unfamiliar insurance markets. By selecting the best and most relevant offers, managing documentation and handling the claims process Marfis saves clients time and money. Moreover, thanks to expertly conducted negotiations and professional document preparation, clients obtain low premiums.

By focusing on the quality of service and excellent long term relationships with insurance company employees, Marfis has taken a strong market position.

The company’s employees bring extensive experience and knowledge of the various aspects of the insurance markets in Slovakia and all stages of claims handling.

Our refences include a large range of domestic and international companies.

We compare, select and provide comprehensive insurance solutions:

  • we find and deliver comprehensive insurance solutions:
  • we analyse existing contracts
  • we prepare independent offers from multiple different insurance companies
  • we suggest and negotiate for better insurance terms
  • you choose the insurance offer then we...
  • ...represent you in meetings with the insurance company
  • ...manage and update your contracts
  • ...provide legal protection for you
  • ...handle all claims processing

But most importantly of all...we protect you.

Ing. Marek Dudáš
(manager of Marfis s.r.o.)